It’s not that weird to see billionaires sitting in luxurious ayahuasca ceremonies (facilitated by neocolonial white guys) to do “personal development” instead of funding the actual regenerative movement that we all obviously need. This social conditioning runs deep, during the “Dark Ages,” this was a story of the church. Today, it is media, algorithms, influencers, and corporate science, operating in service of the #mainstreaming #deathcult. We’ve simply replaced god with the unregulated market, our new age capitalist hippies are trying to bring “god” back to hide their mess.

There’s little cognitive dissonance in this “common sense” because of the norms of dogmatic individualism, foe personal merit, and toxic positivity. This behaviour is the new normal—racial, social, economic, and new age. The social conditioning that blinds us is profound. We’ve been pushed to believe that the market will provide answers, much like the church once did. Yet, those who have grabbed the means to make the most significant changes push deluded personal enlightenment rather than the collective progress we urgently need. You could see this from the hippy side, as karma for past lives of greedily grasping power. These people are crap, we can’t afford to wait for them to change, they are not going to change. Yes, it is a mess that needs composting, let’s get to it.