#Mainstreaming, in the context of career and life choices, is about following “common sense” established paths deemed acceptable or successful by societal norms.

Where an anti-corporate stance emerges from the frustration with rigid corporate structures and the hollow promises of career advancement through sheer dedication and hard work. That traditional jobs prioritize profit over people, should lead to a desire to break free from these confines.

The Myth of the Temporarily Embarrassed Billionaire

Yes, this myth is stronger in the USA as a ideology that everyone has the potential to achieve immense wealth if they work hard enough. It pushes the belief that economic success is a result of individual effort, ignoring systemic inequalities and the role of luck, that only a tiny minority will make it to this exploiting class. This mindset leads to frustration and disillusionment when success remains elusive despite the hard work.

The Rejection of Toxic Positivity

Toxic positivity is the relentless promotion of a positive outlook regardless of circumstances, a path that is detrimental to personal and social health. It masks the realities of social realities, preventing people from addressing real issues and making the needed, meaningful changes. Simple fulfilment comes from creating one’s own social meaning and purpose, rather than blindly pursuing happiness or success defined by “common sense” societal norms.

The Commodification of Purpose

In the era of the #deathcult, capitalist societies, purpose and meaning are commodified, equating personal success with material wealth and career achievements. This leads to the dismissal of non-profitable passions and pursuits as hobbies, undermining the truer source of fulfilment in building more #DIY focused alternatives to the current mess. The pressure to conform to profitable career paths stifles humanism, leading to a deep malaise of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled potential.

The American Dream and Meritocracy

The belief in upward economic mobility is ingrained in American culture, with the idea that hard work and intelligence guarantee success. This meritocratic path leads to the stigmatization of those who do not achieve financial success, attributing their lack of wealth to personal failings rather than more systemic issues. This creates a culture of blame and shame, over alternative paths, further entrenching people in deadened careers and lives.

The Realities of the Corporate Grind

The narrative of endless hard work leading to success is a lie. The corporate grind is monotonous and unfulfilling. People sacrificing their dreams and passions for the promise of future rewards. Recognizing this, people can critically assess their career paths and seek fulfilment through means that align with their more humanistic aspirations.


The rejection of toxic positivity and the myth of the temporarily embarrassed billionaire is crucial for personal and social growth and meaning. By challenging these narratives, people can take paths that align with a more humanistic way, rather than conforming to societal expectations. Embracing the philosophy of creating one’s own social meaning, leads to a more fulfilling and authentic life. Be human not a slave as the hippies say