We don’t have time to try fascism, there will not be time for a second go to repeat this mistake. We either stop this hard right shift, or we’re likely stuck on the fascism path, a millennium of violence, disease, starvation, and—ultimately—extinction, brought to you by fossil fuel psychopaths and the politicians and journalists they pay for.

Fossil fuel corporations get to own the political parties for a tiny part of their annual profits. Journalist who doesn’t challenge this are pushing the collapse of our civilization and the killing of billions of people, they are not journalists, they are acolytes of the #deathcult, propagandist profiting from this mess.

Let’s not make this election about demonizing desperate people fleeing countries decimated by our fossil-fuelled system, focus please #KISS. The #mainstreaming news media ignores and trivialises the story of climate breakdown in a global context during one of the final elections before fossil-fuelled societal collapse happens, where even our deeply corrupted democracy ceases to function. Yes, it’s a mess.