visionOntv – A bit of history

Our main visionontv site (running for 10 years) has generated many millions of downloads and video views for other video account holders vie RSS, torrents, embeds and playlists. The early part of the project was based on RSS/peer2peer were its difficult to get hard figures.

We can count the views on our secondary target the mainstream social networks. Have generated over 32 million video views on 9 video streaming sites, the top 3 are undercurrents were we posted all the videos for the first years 24,653,171 views, then the newer visionontv which we gradually moved to 4,829,654 views and blip our main hosting site which has since disappeared had more than 1.2 million views. The rest had around 2 million video views between them.

We have produced over 1000 original video reports and studio shows at hundreds of venues in support of campaigning groups. Run nearly 100 free training workshop on how to be a grassroots video journalist. Facilitated live streaming at conferences and events.

Currently we are running 5 servers and hosting 14 websites.

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