Have been test useing seedboxs to store and server video for peertube installs. For first test setup am useing Vuze with a RSS and webRTC plugin as this is a easey.

The latist version of peertube am useing https://peertube.mastodon.host/videos/local has implemented feeds, these work fine and send the new videos posted to the torrent dowenload app, which then dowenloads and seeds these videos in throry vier webRTC torrents. Anyone new watching these videos should get part of the video from my seedbox (on a modern laptop/fast DSL line in london).

The problem is that very rearly duse anything come off my seedbox. I have sat and watched it for few days, its now serving 36 videos for 3 diffrent peertube instances. Some of these videos I posted my self some are dowenloded ver RSS feed.

Have a look at this image full screen to see whats happening.