Trump was chosen and elected by this internet web and more will grow from the dotcons

Published Date 12/15/16 5:05 PM


The internet has “grown” mind/s of its own.

This is a convoluted sketch outline of a core tech/social issue.

in the #dotcons Neo Liberalism “free trade” is baked into our dominant online infrastructure, in this it flows freely though society perverting and sickening as it touches. Everything the #dotcons do pushs this poison deeper.

Google links/adsences

Fakenews in “Macedonia”

The populist loon energy of the disempowerd

Trumps melding this to gain personal power

There is a logical feedback loop here that is built into the working everyday internet. The flow of the historical choices/actions shaping our use of the internet are now pushing global political agenda’s. Trump was chosen and elected by this internet/web and more will grow from the #dotcons

The (unthinking) liberal solution of censoring “facknews” makes the issue more dangerous, as in most things the solution is in “open” rather than “closed” in this we have to unravel the current “closed” #dotcons rather digging them in deeper.

Here ends a sketch of a key issue we face today and over the next year.

Ps. jumping on to VPN’s is no core solution just pushing back the issue while digging deeper into it.

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