Boaters need to act to replace CRT

Published Date 12/15/16 4:56 PM

Boater Life – The Canal and River Trust (CRT) is a two faced org that was set up to enclose and moniterise the waterways. One face is soft and the other hard. Asking them for good outcomes is nieave. Forcing them by a carrot and a STICK is effective as they are also useless, weak and ineffective. In the end boaters need government to replace CRT with an org “outside the market” to treat the water ways as a common good, which they are.

I tried to bring this up at a recent Nbta London gathering when the new boaters were talking about the good ideas CRT should do. Sadly it got a blank response from the room. The idea of asking for a replacement for CRT would scare the shit out of um (stick) and help push good needed stuff (carrot). Of course in the end they need reforming/replacing as their agenda is neo-liberal and incomparable with our boater life which is based on “commons”

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