We are pushing societal collapse and extinction, not due to natural calamities or unforeseen disasters, but as a result of our #mainstreaming political decisions by those in power. These decisions, driven by corporate agenda, are pushing us down the path where millions, will perish and billions be displaced in the coming decades.

The Devastating Impact of Political Choices

It should be obvious to us all that our #mainstreaming class are not fit for purpose and that the knee-jerk hard shift to the right is a dysfunctional “solution” and a continuity of the problem they say they can fix. Every election cycle, we are presented with candidates who promise change, yet the issues persist. The root cause? The worship of the #deathcult (a metaphor for the neoliberal economic model) for the last 40 years pushed profit over sustainability and human well-being. This relentless consumerist growth is incompatible with the finite resources of our planet, pushing us to environmental degradation and #climatechaos we are seeing and feeling around us now.

The Fossil Fuel Lie

A glaring example of destructive political decisions is the power of fossil fuel companies. These corporations reap astronomical profits—approximately $2.5 billion daily—while contributing massively to the growth of #climatechaos. Why are these profits not being redirected into rapid decarbonization efforts? The answer lies in the entanglement of these companies with political classes of every ideology, our “common sense” prioritize corporate profits over planetary health.


For over 40 years, the fossil fuel industry has subverted the truth about the environmental and health impacts of their operations. Despite evidence and the catastrophic consequences of their actions, the individuals and entities responsible have escaped accountability. Why aren’t these actors facing prison time for their role in perpetuating a genocidal industry? We should keep this #KISS and make this happen.

Role of the Media

A factor exacerbating this crisis is the role of the media. Instead of informing the public and holding power to account, media outlets have been conduits for spreading vile ignorance. They amplify the voices of corrupt-corporates, manipulating public opinion and encouraging us to support representatives who entrench the interests of the “nasty” few.

Systemic Change

The upcoming elections do matter. A vote is not going to get the world we won’t, but it will mediate the current mess. So hold your nose and vote for candidates who prioritize dismantling this mess and implementing systemic changes, if these useful one cannot win, then vote for a bit less useless one, we can’t keep pushing this mess. A few basic agenda:

  1. Ending Fossil Fuel Profiteering: Redirect the obscene daily profits of fossil fuel companies into aggressive decarbonization strategies.
  2. Holding Polluters Accountable: Ensure that those who have perpetuated the fossil fuel myth face justice and jail time for their actions.
  3. Transforming the Media: Support independent #DIY grassroots journalism and #mainstreaming media reforms that prioritize truth and accountability over corporate interests.


The time for complacency has been over for 20 years. We must act, radical, transformative, our survival depends on it. Let’s hold our noses and vote, but more importantly, support radical grassroot alternatives like https://opencollective.com/open-media-network. In the election, you might find candidates who are not afraid to challenge the powerful interests driving us towards disaster, If they have a chance of winning, they are worth our support. But this propping up of the #mainstreaming is only a small part of what people need to do, the future, and that of generations to come, hangs in the balance. It’s well past time for accountability, justice, and a radical rethinking of our path. Let’s make our voices (and in a small way our votes) count for real change.