The Imminent Collapse:

The science is irrefutable: our civilization is on the brink of imminent, violent collapse due to environmental degradation and #climatechaos. Yet, the political establishment and #mainstreaming media is dominated by those who profit from this collapse, ensuring that the public remains, unfocused, uninformed and distracted by inanity and bile. This toxic combination creates a mental health time-bomb, which will itself feed the crisis we face.

The Illusion of Economic Subsidization

In the UK, a truth goes unspoken: the richest do not subsidize the poorest, it is the poorest who subsidize the richest. The profit amassed by the wealthiest comes from the labour, unpaid wages, and rent extracted from the working class. These profits are sheltered from taxation, perpetuating a system of inequality and exploitation. This #KISS reality is kept hidden to maintain the status quo and protect the nastiest people who push themselves to the top of our ancient vertical “commons”.

The #ClimateMajority: Awareness Without Action

There is a #ClimateMajority—most people are aware that we are in trouble. However, awareness alone is insufficient. This majority needs to be active to mobilized systemic change. The linkage between economic growth and degrading overconsumption is clear: you cannot have one without the other. This overconsumption pushes us down a dark path, where our children will have to fight to survive. How can we make the need for action #mainstreaming ?

The Disconnect: GDP vs. Sustainability

Politicians and journalists discuss GDP and the economy, yet they avoid the unspoken issue at hand. Our worshipping of this #deathcult our current economic model is fundamentally incompatible with the living systems we rely on for survival. Prioritizes short-term economic growth over long-term sustainability, driving us towards ecological and thus social collapse. The implications are dire: our economy, as it stands, is on track to destroy the very foundations of our shared lives.

The Path Forward: Systemic Change and Accountability

To avert this catastrophe, we need to be radical in rethink priorities to create systemic change. Some examples involve:

  1. Economic Restructuring: Shift from an economy focused on capitalistic growth to one that prioritizes more socialistic, sustainability and equitable basic resource distribution.
  2. Corporate Accountability: Ensure that corporations pay their taxes and are held accountable for their environmental and social destruction.
  3. Media Reform: Support grassroots #DIY journalism that prioritizes truth and accountability over corporate interests and media agenda lies.
  4. Political Activism: Build real alternatives on one hand and on the other mobilize the #ClimateMajority to demand bold action to replace our political leaders.


The science is clear: we are on the brink of collapse. The political and media is designed to distract and misinform, protecting the interests of the wealthy. It is up to all of us to break this cycle. We need to push the spiky fluffy debate to build alternatives like the #OMN, push the #ClimateMajority to demand systemic change, and replace (and jail some of) our bankrupt leaders. Our survival, and that of future generations, depends on this #KISS path.

Let us not sink into this mental health time-bomb, which will only itself feed the crisis, let’s not be passive observers of our own demise. Let’s fight, It’s past time to face the simple truths to give us power to take action.

You can help make this happen