The #OMN is about creating horizontal scaling of social power

The #OMN approach is to focus on building practical tools and solutions that are grounded in real-world experience and that can be adopted by grassroots activists and communities. The goal is to empower individuals and groups to take control of their own media and communication channels, and to build a decentralized and autonomous network that is not controlled by any centralized authority or organization.
The (Open Source, Open Data, Open process, Open “industrial” standards ) are a key part of this approach, providing a framework for building transparent, accountable, and inclusive systems that are accessible to all. The OMN also emphasizes the importance of using existing tools and technologies, rather than trying to reinvent the wheel or impose new solutions that likely will not be practical or effective.
The #OMN is about creating horizontal scaling of social power. It is also about building a modern take on the classic principles of grassroots activism, and creating a new space for collaboration and cooperation among activists, communities, and organizations.

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