The path of #fascism is blighted by ignorance and the rejection of deeper meaning in life. Fascist leaders and their followers display overconfidence and assertive ignorance, using baseless claims to assert dominance and control. They build false displays of good qualities, such as exaggerated patriotism or faux moral superiority, rather than any genuine ability and experience.

Fascist ideologies exploit the frustrations and insecurities of “lost” people, offering them a sense of belonging and purpose based on false premises of identifying and vilifying scapegoats (immigrants, minorities, political opponents), fascist movements create and feed on this dysfunctional sense of unity and purpose.

The #mainstreming focus on superficial success, materialism, and immediate gratification lead to a rejection of deeper, more meaningful pursuits in life. This lack of cultural reflection and philosophical engagement makes it easier for fascist ideologies to take root, as they offer simplistic, emotionally appealing answers.

#stupidindividualism, Fascism, thrives in environments where people are isolated from broader perspectives and realities, reinforcing narrow provincial mindsets. Without exposure to diverse cultures and ideas, people develop prejudiced views and simplistic solutions to complex problems.

Recognizing and Fighting Fascism is #KISS to progressives:

To combat fascism, as a first step, people and communities need to acknowledge and confront the “stupid, pathetic, frustrated side” of themselves. This involves taking social responsibility for our prejudices, ignorance, and superficial values. In this, education has a path to play to foster critical thinking, cultural awareness, and the ability to reflect. But more immediate, is the need to encouraging engagement with activism, social movements, art, philosophy, and history which helps people to develop a more “real” understanding of the world and their place in it.

Promoting dialogue between groups is a way to share understandings and reduce isolation and prejudice, this helps to support initiatives that build strong, communities where people feel valued and heard.

Fascism is rooted in ignorance, superficial values, and the exploitation of frustration and prejudice. By acknowledging this we open up space for education, cultural engagement, and critical thinking where our activism holds the path to foster inclusive communities, we can, and need to, push back at the rise of fascist ideologies.

If you find this enlightening, it’s worth a brief look at another historical path


  • @info Food for thought: I misread your "stupidindividualism" hashtag as "superindividualism". I'm about to add "look up hyperindividualism" to my To Do list (which means I'll never get around to it, I regretfully confess).

    Self-care is the new "keep calm and carry on", don't you think? I've found myself in an online bubble all about validation and self-respect, and these things have their place, but spread too far they are little more than divisive.

    1. If you want to be polite, you can separate the words stupid individualism and yes a lot of us have been pretty dumb over the last 40 years, thus the hashtag…