The internal struggles within the left progressives need #KISS paths that take into account the shadow of the #deathcult we all live in and the broader ideological battles against entrenched systems and the far right. The first step is the entrenched “Common Sense” that feeds division

Entrenched “Common Sense” Liberal Ideology: Many of our well-meaning liberals hold a belief in the current system’s capacity to reform itself, despite clear evidence of systemic failures. This “common sense” approach is #blocking the necessary radical changes. It supports a status quo that resists meaningful change and keeps us from the path we need to take.

Internal Division on the Left, Fluffy vs Spiky: The “fluffy” left emphasizes kindness and inclusivity to attract people to social change, while the “spiky” left pushes for a much more confrontational stance against power structures. We need to balance this infighting, as both approaches are needed to balance change challenge, but the continuing excessive internal conflict over which method is superior weakens any movement.

Strategic Approaches:

  1. Promote a clear message that acknowledges the systemic failures and the need for substantial change. Focus on common goals and shared values.
  2. Balancing Fluffy and Spiky Tactics and Strategic Flexibility: Recognize that different situations require different approaches. Sometimes a softer, more inclusive approach is needed, while other times, direct confrontation is necessary. Open the space for different groups within the left to play to their strengths without undermining each other. Create paths where both fluffy and spiky tactics coexist and complement each other.
  3. Develop Shared Platforms and Communication Channels like the #OMN where diverse voices can communicate, collaborate, and coordinate actions without falling into divisive arguments. Clear Messaging: Use #KISS, consistent messaging that highlights the urgency of systemic change and the inadequacies of the current system.
  4. Highlight Success Stories of both fluffy and spiky tactics to show effectiveness and the importance of balance. Organize Joint Actions, events, protests, and campaigns that involve both inclusive and confrontational elements. Ensure these actions are coordinated, not just to build division.
  5. Shared Goals: Focus on actions that address common wider goals, such as #climatechange, economic inequality, and basic justice, to foster solidarity. Use the #OGB governance to create accountability
    and establish norms and traditions for trust within the movement to try and minimize recurring infighting.
  6. Conflict Resolution is hard, fostering divers paths helps to mediate this, avoid implement burocratic conflict resolution strategies is important.
  7. Use hashtags and #openweb native culture to organize, communicate, and amplify the movement’s messages. Hashtags like #KISS, #openweb, and help create a divers narrative.
  8. Education is key, run online and offline campaigns that explain the necessity of both fluffy and spiky tactics, aiming to outreach and mobilize the broad community.
  9. Space for your point here…
  10. Have fun, “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution” is #KISS get to it.

In conclusion, walking a path that actually works for progressive ends is not easy on the left, effectiveness requires acknowledging the systemic failures many liberals overlook and balancing inclusive and confrontational tactics. By focusing on shared goals, promoting clear #KISS messaging, and leveraging #openweb technology, the left can push back on the status quo and the far right. This is a first step view of a bigger issue.

Please don’t be a prat about this, thanks.