Official launch of the special issue on “Change in Armed Conflict”

Join the Minerva Global Security Programme for the official launch of the special issue on “Change in Armed Conflict,” as featured in the International Political Science Review.This publication establishes a new agenda in the examination of change in armed conflict. It approaches the theme as a dynamic social phenomenon, employing a shared conceptual framework that encompasses five dimensions of change. Serving as a ‘lingua franca,’ this framework unites diverse approaches and perspectives, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the subject.


Very Oxford, the event is about the terms academics use to study war and conflicts, it’s about words and categories about violence. How the skinny non-violent crew talk about the muscular dangerous crew.

Words and categories of the vile are cleaned and abstracted, spoken in a building that is likely a temple of the #deathcult. A place of worship, the pouring of funding and bright young things down the drain in the face of rushing displacement, starvation and death of #climatechaos

The must be some value here, but it’s not visible in the talk or images. Even shit has value in composting, am here with a shovel. Through from the talk so far there is only academic constipation, so nothing to shovel.

OK we have one presentation a tool for mapping conflict over time, a bit interesting.

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