DRAFT film script for #boatingeurope


Hamish is leading a group of activists in a video production workshop. He is enthusiastic and passionate, demonstrating how to use a camera and editing software.

“My name is Hamish, and I’ve been a media activist for 20 years. I recently received a windfall from an Italian feature film. I had been in London for 5 years, running media workshops, and I decided it was time to sail away.”

Cut to Hamish on a coffee break. He stumbles upon a large, orange lifeboat covered in concrete blocks.

“While out for coffee, I discovered a big orange lifeboat covered in concrete blocks. I found the source of the lifeboat and gave the supplier a call. It turned out to be a wee man in Aberdeen.”

Cut to Hamish at the Rainbow Gathering near the Greek-Albanian border, waiting for his boat.

“At the end of the gathering, I received an email that my boat would be arriving in a few days.”

Cut to Hamish’s trip to Scotland to pick up his boat. He is taking the train and camping on an island.

“I took a trip to Scotland to pick up my boat. It was the best railway line in the world, and I camped on an island. I was interviewed about why I wanted the boat.”

Cut to Hamish’s second trip to Scotland to work on his boat. The truck delivering the boat was delayed, so Hamish went to Balcombe to do some media training.

“The truck was delayed, so instead of waiting around, I decided to go to Balcombe to do some media training.”

Cut to Hamish in Balcombe, fixing the tech side of the camp and not being able to do any media training.

“Everything was broken, so I had to fix the tech side of the camp. No media training was done.”

Cut to the boat finally arriving, being craned into the water. Hamish is driving it to London.

“The boat finally arrived, and I drove it to London. I encountered some low bridges and used cyclists as ballast along the way.”

Cut to Hamish arriving in London.

“I finally arrived in London, after a journey filled with challenges and obstacles. But I made it, and I’m ready to continue my activism with a new perspective and a new tool.”


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