The Open Media Network (#OMN) is a unique project that focuses on building trust-based human networks using technology. The network allows users to publish, subscribe, moderate, rollback, and edit content on various sites they have a login on.

For a single user, the process begins with publishing content and adding metadata such as tags. If someone subscribes to the user, they receive the published content and can even add new tags to it.

If the user comes across interesting content, they can choose to subscribe to that person, organization, tag, or site. If they’re not sure about the content or its source, they can put it on moderation, which means it will only appear on their private news feed. If they trust the content and its source, they can let it through, and it will appear on their public news feed.

However, if the source breaks their trust, the user can rollback their content to a time before they started spamming. The new content will only appear on their private news feed, but they can still choose to let individual pieces through if they wish.

In summary, the #OMN allows users to control and manage the content they receive and ensures that it comes from trusted sources

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