“Irregular” #migrants moving along the Western #Balkan Migration Route aspire to competing visions of Europe, and Europeanness, and along their journeys they encounter multiple competing, overlapping, or intersecting political projects. Drawing on fieldwork conducted in #Slovenia since 2021, this presentation will explore how various imaginaries of Europe are instantiated in the wake of Yugoslav socialism, EU integration, and an ongoing “migration crisis.”

Fun workshop on the European activist times, interesting but not sure if much use on the subject of immigration.

#Academics, playing the determination game, is long and dull and more about statues games. As with most of these events the subject is scand over and all the knowledge is in these statues, definition games rather than the subject itself, it’s a meta conversation.

Friendly parasite’s, sometimes it’s useful for activism to have same #mainstreaming to point to at when talking to authorities. But the issue is the normal, academics talk to #fashionistas not the people who get stuff done, so it’s a caricature you end up pointing to, but one the “authorities” can relate to, a useful mess. That becomes a real problem when this be ones the history of the movement. A bad feedback loop we are in now