Economic Diversification and Climate Change in the Middle East

St Antony’s College, Dr Sarah Bush (University of Pennslyvania)

The right-wing and the #NGO crew have both coopted the idea of activism with some of its traditions and without any use of its purpose and path.

This academic aproch looks at gender and the shift to liberal norms and what effect this will have on the current patriarchal governments in the Middle East

Good points from a economist about the coal transition as a starting point for studies like this. The is unseen prier art.

This studie has the normal issue of the sustainabity of the unexamined political middle, this assumption is unlikely to hold in the next 20-30 years. As we see today a hard shift to the right, which at best will open space for a shift to the left.

So much of this thinking and academic work assumes that the liberal path will continue, with no understanding that this is an unreasonable path if you look at the scientific data of climate change and its social and economic outcomes

What we do need is study’s of the next hard right-wing and progress left paths. With the issue in mind that the more likely path is post apocalyptic “Mad Max” world for meany of the equator countries. This applies to the Middle East, the subject of this studie.

With growing #climatechaos even this above “normal” politics is likely only possible for the non equator countries, for large parts of the planet the norm will this

Q.can the Middle East manage this shift in any real way?

My view: Seeing these people, in the room, as self blinded evil would likely be an understatement. They are fixated on status in the current world, the shift we should be talking about does not exist for them yet. The politeness, in #Oxford, is unkind at best in this growing mess.

Ideas please on how to talk to these people?