Published Date 8/3/13 10:21 PM

Buying the boat off Alan johnston was a good expirence, he was a big help with fixing the boat up to get past the BSS test. I ended up staying up on site for 4 days working on the boat.

Will be converting this to a Solar powered and mobile Open Media Hub over the next few months.

Work done:

Removed central seating partitions

Removed half of the seat belts

Presser washed the boat inside

Moved the fuel tank to the back of the boat to facilitate external fuelling (this is a BSS issue)

Fixed peg locks to hatches and doors and a padlock to back door.

plugged holes in roof from removed equipment.

Made 6x tyear fenders with rope fittings (Alan donated a selection of fenders as well)

Rope for morning up.


Put in external fuelling 

Angle grind/remove top bouncey bulge

wood ceiling and floor panels

Prep and paint inside

Add LED lighting

External solar panels

battery box and battery’s for solar set-up

wiring and charge controllers