Published Date 8/3/13 9:32 PM

Should I get 2x50w panels – one of each side of the bout or 1 x 100w panel for the roof – am reluctant to put panels on the roof as its usable space – the curving sides of the boat would be better space to use? Link

For battery’s can just buy cheap leasher battery’s (good for ballast and have the space) 

Or try something better

With the lead acid battery’s you can only use 1/3 of the power with out damaging the battery’s and they are only good for less than 500 cycles or so… but they would work and are cheap – cauld try something better latter.

The charge controlling is complex as the side facing panels will mean one is putting out more power than the other… agen – just cheap controller(s) or go for an expensive

Some examples link

What cables to use, size, UV protection etc. Link