Fluff/spiky debate and the respect for diversity of tactics – talking to the coop tech crew

I’ve changed the title of this thread as it seems to have drifted away from its original topic (and my apologies for the poor choice of original name).

The changing of title is telling for what we are talking about here “Fluffy” vs “Spiky” is the perfect example of the problem.

Fluff/spiky debate and the respect for diversity of tactics is the bedrock of affective activism that social change/challenge is built from. Yes the coop movement is well on the fluffy side, in this it can complement the more spiky side and should play a role, no matter how limited this is.

An example of this history would be the Greenham marches who often stopped overnight in Quaker halls and were feed by cooperative businesses. These marchers then went on to tear the fence down on the nuclear missile base as a protest agenst the Cold War escalation.

I made a film about this, that varies coops sponsored

To highlight meany activist have strong connections/come from the coop movement

Meany of these angles come from a worker coop.

Meany coops have been supporting this protest for more than 30 years.

This action came from the community that meany of you are likely to be connected to.

A workers coop.

OK if you guy are going to demolish the foundations (“Fluffy” vs “Spiky”) I will leave you to do this, there is much to do, and few people actually doing. The “governance” project is an attempt to expand this tiny group

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