“An important distinction is slowly being uncovered about the definition of the term “fediverse.” Who is it that gets to decide what this place is? How are we being represented?”


The lack of discussion about the nature of the space the #fediverse occupies raises questions about representation and identity within this #openweb “native” network.

  1. Ownership by Communities: The fediverse offers a way to build the internet by communities, in contrast to centralized #dotcons social networks that prioritize monetization over community well-being. By decentralizing governance, the fediverse empowers people to take control of their online spaces and relationships.
  2. Audience and Adoption: The fediverse is valuable for those who are hostile and disillusioned with monetized social networks and seek ways to connect with real change/challenge comunertys. While some are eager to explore alternatives, others face limitations or challenges in transitioning to the fediverse. Nonetheless, the slow growth of communities within the fediverse is essential for building a strong “native” foundation for decentralized networking.
  3. Governance and Community: A key distinction of the fediverse lies in its shared governance model, where people have a say in how their communities are governed. This contrasts with centralized social networks, where governance decisions are made by a central authority that does not align with community interests. People are drawn to the fediverse for its emphasis on inclusivity and people’s agency, allowing individuals and social groups to express themselves without fear of censorship or coercion.
  4. Coexistence with Centralized Networks: The fediverse does not require people to opt out of centralized social networks entirely. Instead, people can maintain connections on both platforms while stepping to decentralized networking. This allows people to become familiar with the fediverse’s culture and its advantages.
  5. Website Design and Accessibility: With the foundational principles of the fediverse defined, the focus shifts to website design that reflects these values. Accessibility, both in terms of physical access and cultural understanding, is prioritized to ensure that the platform is inclusive and user-friendly, in sharp contrast to too much of the bad #UX history of #FOSS coding.

The fediverse represents a shift towards community-driven, decentralized networking, offering an alternative to #dotcons. By prioritizing peoples and communerty agency, inclusivity, and accessibility, the fediverse creates spaces where people can connect and express themselves. Let’s reboot the #openweb try calling this #web1.5

“don’t be a prat” is a good start.

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    This matters because it speaks to the fundamental principles and values underlying the fediverse and decentralized networking as a whole. In essence, discussing the definition and representation of the fediverse is essential for upholding its core #4opens principles of community #DIY inclusivity, and accessibility. We need to ensure that the fediverse remains a vibrant and thriving ecosystem.