What is the value of “bounded” projects

We need to build “bounded” projects because we live in the era of the #deathcult based on the dead ideologies of post modernism and neo liberalism. Both deny the possibility of the world we want to build. So “common sense” is not our friend.

The “boundaries” of and #PGA keep focus vs this “common sense”. We are lost with out this.

The #OMN are building tools for the “other” that’s us. “Them” are hostile, especially if they don’t understand “they” are. This is mainstreaming liberals, and right wing crew.

#PGA is about, horizontal giving us a shared space of practice, understanding and working for “politics” and the gives us the same for tech

They together create a boundary for us to focus Without this we have a tendency to fight and create mess. So it’s a soft/pourus “us” and “them” to provide focuses and direction. In a bad sense it is the badges of the tribe. In a better sense it’s the banners we fly at our gatherings, but this starts to sound a bit nationalist. So let’s not do this 😉

The subject of “branding”, flags, banners is a real balance, they have power… And we need power in horizontal movements.

This podcast is a interesting look at this as background thinking.

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