Throwing ideas into the air to see were they land. Lets think of ideas for what a post world looks like in the digital era.

Its a soft move away from capitalism.

* end of money as the motivating factor of exchange. With opendata exchanges can be balanced by open algorithms

* big reductions in inequality due to democratic control of common digital/physical infrastructure.

* as the growth in digital goods the will be ecological outcomes due to the end of consumption as the bases of our economy and human needs.

* more and deeper connections to communertys due to knowingly people better and ease of keeping and building open networks.

* we would have to rethink meany things that now seem to be common sense.

* the idea of privacy has already changed in the #dotcons era. We have no privacy within the corporate structures and the state. This has already happened and is core to the data drivern digital era.

* the is no real legal or technical option to close this so the only option we have is to open this magic meta data bag. This will fundamentally changes our ideas of privacy and rights.

* what would this post capitalist open society look like?


  • Would you have any objections if I re-wrote some of this? It’s not to change any of the meaning as it’d just be replacing some of the words used. I got as far as capitalism and stopped. Not because I object to the word, but because THEY can label you, me, us, as a liberal, pinko, commie, snowflake…whatever term they decide to try and bait you with. I’d like to, if I may, try and take out those target words and make it a little less easy to fire at. A little less out in the open. They play that game. Why shouldn’t we? Or does that cross one(all?) of the #4opens?

    1. Feel free, send us a link to the text 🙂