Published Date 4/30/13 5:49 PM

The OMN is owned by nobody and run by nobody. It is merely a set of Stupidly Simple open standards, open databases and working practices. We are building some hubs to flesh the network out.

What is there at the moment.? Let’s highlight some of the projects: Open funding network – is a place for media activists to get small amounts of cash for their projects and equipment. is an open database of links to radical projects. These can be added as an embed on websites to create the interlinking that is so important to the open Internet’s health. This project is federated. is a newsflash service to widen our networks outside facebook. It is an open data and open access federated network. You can grab an embed for your site sidebar. Auto updating quality controlled video embeds with playlists (eg, drawing from a huge database of radical video. This is a federated network. This is the first stage of an open blogging network.