Turning off the comments

Published Date 2/28/12 1:34 PM

This is a video response to Dave Winer’s post on Scripting News about why he has turned off commenting on his blog.

Winer was using the comment platform Disqus and discussed with the developers to have some options implemented. He got frustrated at the end when he realised he could never get from them the right functionalities and turned off the comments.

At visionOntv we have ideas about how to deal with comments and we’ll give practical proposals very soon in the videos to come.

Meanwhile we’d like to hear from you on this subject. Is it still a blog if no comments are allowed? Where is the conversation and debate then supposed to happen? What solutions have you tried on your blogs? Are you using an external comment platform or any form of moderation? And do you have a specific strategy for Youtube comments to bypass the daily abuse, auto-promotion and trolling? 

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