To escape our silo thinking

Published Date 3/10/16 12:01 PM

“A river that needs crossing political and tech culture – On the political side, the is arrogance and ignorance, on the Geek side the is naivety and over- complexity”

What I am highlighting here, Geeks think this is too simple to think about, the politicos have no understanding of this. Both are happy with silos as it gives them “total control” of their tiny things. These isolated siloed islands are no match for the continents that the #dotcons control. The issue here is that nobody cares for the big thing that all these tiny things grow from, this big thing “the open internet” is withered from neglect. The shrinking “open internet” is further perverted by political legislation and #dotcons grasping/enclosing it becomes a ghost of its old self.

Thinking to escape this sad and bad fate.

The web is made of links:

* Articles are just data objects

* Data flows

* Feeds are living links to move data object flows

* The link is where the value is (google learned this a long time ago)

* Synchronisation and redundancy of data is key to resilience and remembering the past links (value)

This is hard for the politicos to hear, but, content is just something to link to.

This simple thinking is held safe by the #4opens

The is a small resurgence of alt-media projects (such as LINKS ) but each of them is a silo and will likely flower and fade.

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