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Published Date 11/3/12 12:38 AM

DRAFT – thinking about Social networking

OK we need to look agen at what we will use our CMS for – here is a look at the social networking side of it.

Create A network:

– around films

– around filmmakers

– around channels

– around campaigns

– list of filmmakers

– archive of films (tagged database)

– Subjects are channels

– Campaigns are action pages which are based round users/groups – the is a dynamic intro process for users and campaign organizers. It could use a goggle maps and meet up API’s mash-up to create physical groupings around subjects/users. Could be based on twitter use twitter API to create our own interface. Can use open ID to login to all…

 We need to right up some user experiences to help the programmers to visualize what needs to be in our CMS. Can people write up short user experiences like these – need at least 3 from each of you.

User Jane

She heres about VOTV from a friend and watches a few films on the website. She likes what she finds so installs the VOTV app.

 It’s a easy install, after leaving her computer on over night she starts to watch the shows – installing the headmix and global views channel. Based on what she watches – votes up or down in 2 days the CMS asks her if she is interested in a filmmaker (or channel) if she says yes it takes her to that page on the CMS – she has the option to join the groups that are connected to this page (subjects) – the first time she dose this it will ask for her open ID account (will create one if she doesn’t have one). By joining a group it mashes this groups RSS feed into her news on her personal home page and links her as a member.

She can create blog/calendar/wiki etc on her personal page and share these with other groups/users. Ie that is her home page can become a campaign or subject page – each user page can become a social network.

User Jim

 He is a regular user of VOTV and is inspired by the offlineTV show to create a hacklabe in his local town of Swindon to show the best of activist tec films in his local pub on Wednesday night – they have a projector and PA installed and the landlord is friendly and desperate to sell some beer as Wednesday is a very slow night. He creates a new home page from his VOTV page called the “Swindon Geeks Revolt” using the blog to setup intro, contact and about pages and a wiky which members can edit to add film suggestions and subjects for talks. From his VOTV home page he will have a list of all the people who are interested in these subjects in his area – he messages then to invite then to the first meet up – 7 of them join the SGR group so can then message each other directly and add suggestions for futer events to the wiky. One of the group sets up a forum on VOTV around open source software and Linux. Jim advertises the event vie a free tag in the EAS (ethical advertising system) “Swindon + offlineTV” 14 people tern up to learn about umbunto and open office. Next week a screening of “the pirates of silicon valley” is organized.

User Jenny

Is a activist filmmaker who is involved in a tree protest in central oxford – she edits a long wobbly cam 8 min film which she shows to the protesters in the local community centre bar on reggae night. One of the VOTV crew Turnip sees the film and points her to the VOTV help page on how to make a short news report – she cuts the film down to 2 mins and adds some context so that it is accessible to a wider ordnance. This then goes out to 20K people on the grassroots channel on VOTV. From here it is picked up by the US indymedy newsreel program and screened in 20 cities in the US and out to 1 million people vier FSTV satellite broadcasting. She gets e-mails from 20 people who are involved in similar campaigns or who are inspired by the film to act locally. A local group of tree protesters in Oragan show the film in there protest camp vier a solar powered projector and make a film themselves about there campaign – this is then shown on VOTV and screened to the campaigners back in the bar in Oxford. 

User Jake

Jake sees an advert for the bushcraft show in a magazine – he checks out the URL and likes the videos so installs the VOTV player app. He finds some of the more political videos challenging/boring so removes there RSS feeds but likes the nature documenters and the eco consumerism – he uses the open MIRO channel guide to get films on women in beckenys and fast cars. The VOTV CMS gently points him towards more radical solutions to his interests, he finds a group who are protesting agenst the selling off of the local school football fields and gets involved in that campaign – at a meeting he gets chatting to a shiy local primary school teacher and they start dating and get marred. There kids watch VOTV and the family never gets a old corporate broadcast box.

User Jezebel

Is a anthropology student at brooks and is board of student life, she is looking for a date – she hers VOTV social network is the place to find some action, she gos to the website and creates an account – adding a good profile of her interests – this brings up a list of local groups/campaigns and individuals – she starts to message the sexy looking guys from there profiles – she spends a week at the Climate Camp shagging with a deadlocked eco worrer only coming out of her tent to eat vegan food and trough some half empty special brew cans at security late at night. She gos onto be a lawyer at bindmons solicitors after graduating with a first class degree.

Please add some more “use cases” this is the best way to guide programmers to create the CMS that we what rather than telling them exactly what to do at each stage. 

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