When we bring our boat back to London am looking at getting a bigger boat for longer expeditions

Looking at something like this https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/commercial-vessels-life-boat-for-sale/282352/4701297 but likely a bit bigger

Looking for a bigger boat

As near to 10m as possible but not over due to ICC (though after more reading around we can go up to 15m with a little more bureaucracy)

Ability to walk round the gunwales of the boat with out danger of falling

Heavy rubber rubbing/side strips

Some outdoor space or the possibility of adding some space.

Side door or rear doors for easy access, preferable not hatches.

Easy removal of inside fittings to open up the living space.

BSS safety work.
Removal of the davite hooks
A hatch in roof for head out driving or fold down windows
Pre-insulated as much as possible.
Access to the keel for adding ballast – we will need ballast.
Original safety equipment and radio
Extra water tank
(Electric ancour windless)


4PCS 3.2V280AH LIFEPO4 battery cell 2020 new Rechargeable Batteries Lithium iron for 12V300AH for RV SOLAR EV EU US TAX FREE https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000450142400.html

Daly Smart BMS LiFePo4 With Bluetooth 4S https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001803913333.html?spm=a2g0o.detail.1000060.1.6cd04db7AaOsBP&gps-id=pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller&scm=1007.13339.169870.0&scm_id=1007.13339.169870.0&scm-url=1007.13339.169870.0&pvid=1e0e57b5-6648-466c-ac91-4228b85f0f7f&_t=gps-id:pcDetailBottomMoreThisSeller,scm-url:1007.13339.169870.0,pvid:1e0e57b5-6648-466c-ac91-4228b85f0f7f,tpp_buckets:668%230%23131923%2393_668%23888%233325%2318_668%232846%238109%231935_668%232717%237563%23586_668%231000022185%231000066059%230_668%233468%2315616%23779

270W Smaller Size Perlight All Black Mono Percium Solar Panel – 54 cell smaller 1.48m size – great for vans and motorhomes

20A 12V/24V MPPT charge Controller – EPever XTRA 2210N – 100VOC PV – LCD Meter


wood burner stove with back boiler http://boatmanstove.co.uk/

To be specked out

insulation for single hull sections

sound deadening for engine box

folding mast for aerials and nav lights

electric windlass for anchor + chain and anchor


navigation lights

internal lights

Water and plumbing with calorifier from engine.

Gravity feed passive radiator system to heat front of boat.

Cinema setup and screen.

Wi-Fi rooter and navigation computer – with external aerials

VHF and external antenna

build wet room and shower

electric for cooking? or gas?

Laser cut plexyglass portholes

fuel level meter

engine temp/oil meter

auxiliary electric motor for main engine would be looking for sponsorship for this to cover the engine/solar and extra battery’s https://www.bimblesolar.com/solar/large-panels/290w-mipv-flexi 4 of these would stick to the curved boat sides.


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