The Witches Cauldron: Making History is an open activist archive project that aims to create a data commons based on the framework and motivated by the PGA hallmarks. The project aims to create a metadata-enriched digital collection of items hosted on a redundant and federated network of hosts and servers around the world, starting with hosting the majority of the content on the Internet Archive ( The project is open to anyone who wants to be a part of the federated network and will be built using the tools of the Open Media Network (OMN) and the KISS principle to facilitate DIY working. The project emphasizes on the importance of simplicity and human scale, and reject solutions that move away from the core KISS and DIY ethos. The Resistance Exhibition is the UK flow of data for this project, and the outcome of the project is to create a open collection of original material from across European countries as a first step, uploaded and stored in an open distributed repository.