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The tech world is in a state of chaos and dysfunction

The tech world is in a state of chaos and dysfunction, to compost this mess it’s crucial that we reckon with the consequences of our past decisions to understand how we arrived at this point.

Over the past four decades, there has been an intertwining of #postmodernist social thinking and #neoliberal economic ideology. This marriage of #ideologies has fractured societal values and pushed down ideological divides, leading to righting polarization and dysfunction in both politics and technology.

In the realm of technology, this has translated into the proliferation of centralized platforms and the erosion of community. We’ve witnessed the rise of platforms that push profit over people’s well-being, exacerbating societal divisions and amplifying disinformation and hate speech.

As we confront existential threats like #climatechange and ecological degradation, it’s imperative that we acknowledge our role in shaping the current reality. For forty years, we’ve marched down this dark path, shaping our “human nature” through collective choices and actions.

The next four decades will be marked by hardship and suffering as we grapple with the consequences of our actions. But we must take responsibility for charting a new course forward. It’s time to reject the poisoned philosophies and dogmatic economic doctrines that have brought us to this precipice.

We must reclaim agency over our collective future and commit to a path of social healing, reconciliation, and renewal. This begins with the first step of acknowledging our complicity in creating this mess and embracing the power of collective action and solidarity.

Let’s try please not to just push mess back at this text. It’s essential not to view this social thinking as an individualistic moral judgment. The effectiveness of postmodernism and neoliberalism in achieving their goals is evident, the judgment lies in our collective choice of path.

The disintegration of social norms and the widening gap between the rich and the poor are natural outcomes of the path we’ve chosen over the last four decades. It’s not just about moral judgment; it’s about recognizing the consequences of our choices and taking steps to course correct towards a more just, equitable, and sustainable future. And away from the current “common sense” mess.

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The conversation touches on the potential of the cooperative and commons movements as solutions to address societal and technological challenges. Suze highlights the importance of these movements, which emphasize principles of cooperation, open source, and the commons, as avenues for creating more equitable and sustainable systems.

Where, Hamish raises a critical point about the limitations of relying on these movements without a strong social movement. That while the cooperative and commons movements are steps, they struggle to address deeper societal issues without broader social mobilization and activism.

Campbell emphasizes the importance of messy social interaction and action in complementing technological infrastructure design. That while technological solutions play a role, they must be accompanied by robust social movements that challenge power structures, promote inclusivity, and foster collective action.

Overall, this conversation highlights the complexity of addressing societal challenges and the need for a multifaceted approach that combines technological innovation with social mobilization and activism. Both the cooperative/commons movements and grassroots social movements have important roles to play in shaping a more just and sustainable future.


Platform Cooperativism its interesting to see this from the prospective of a protest camp – these people are the middle classes who talk a lot and do little, but further there carrears when the messy people do all the work and activism. This is generalisation, and diversity is always good. But as a singal path, this is a bad path.

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