Q. Small scale local anarchic permaculture type economies based on barter. That’s my opinion, what’s yours? And what are you doing to facilitate it.

A. This is a hard question to answer for most greens as they push small scale local economy which cannot scale to the billions of disinterested not to say hostile people that they need to change to there view. The is a time scale to this urgently needed change, in this the green view is not real for the 95% outside there world view.

A. Think the green view can and should be applied to the 1% who can move in this direction. This leaves 99% who need some way to survive this transition. Maybe 4% will die from climate chaos this still leaves 90% that need a different solutions and the current choice is a reboot of a “greened” social democracy, the corban project or pushing us back into fascism as a top down “solution” what ever happens we face the move to a war time economy in the next 20 years. The is no role for neoliberalism and only a secondary role for liberalism in this war on “climate chaos”

A. The green party’s in hand with the right media attack on the labour party is a direct push for the fascist outcome. Of course to play devil “fascist eco polices” could save our environment. But do you wont to live in the world of the “Hand maiden’s tale” or our other popular dystopias? You have the power to choice over the next few years.