The open web and the power of lobbyists

Published Date 2/27/15 1:37 AM is being regulated.

Net neutrality is a good thing the open web works because of it. But legislating around net neutrality is dangerous as it opens up the actuality existing open web to the power of lobbyists. Historically the web has been shaped by undefined “traditions” built on open industrial protocols. This “open web” is starting to become thin with the enclosures of the dotcoms.

We are now resorting to “regulation” which takes this nieve working “open” inside the bureaucracy, historical experiences of this is a bit scary. I understand we need to bite the bullet and do, but with our current politicians toss a coin into the air and hope it lands on its side…

The are some good people working on this lets hope it doesn’t go wrong, the out come will be in the small details…

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