The #OMN Modding Process

The #OMN instances have been running for the last 5 years with an open modding process.

Users can become mods after being around for a bit.

The modding process is based on a clear #KISS project statement, with a “don’t be a dick” rider on the end.

If an account is drive-by SPAM/obtusely a troll/right wing, it is removed as the #OMN is a progressive radical media project.

If a normal user or unsure, a warning is given first, followed by a discussion as long as it is polite. If the user continues to break the statement/act like a dick, they are kicked out.

Escalating silencing is not found to be worthwhile for good outcomes.

If the user repeats being a dick/breaking the statement, they are banned. A rough mod consensus is reached before banning if they are a USER rather than a drive-by.

Users can appeal to the mods, who may or may not listen. They are free to set up an account elsewhere on the #Fediverse.

Conclusion: The #OMN example shows how modding can work in a horizontal/federated network, based on clear principles and open processes.