The Mess We’ve Made: Neoliberalism.

Over the past 40 years, humanity has created a complete mess of our society and environment. #Climatechaos, the degradation of the biosphere, and growing global inequalities are not separate issues but different facets of the same problem. This problem is the #neoliberal economic system that has spread across the world through globalization, promoting high production and high consumption lifestyles and prioritizing economic growth over environmental sustainability and social equity. It is a #deathcult we all worship.

The #neoliberal economic system has created a world that is not only incompatible with a functioning Earth System at the planetary level, but also eroding human and societal well-being, even in the wealthiest countries. The consequences of continuing on the present trajectory are dire. Collapse is the most likely outcome.

To have any hope of turning this around, we need to prioritize social equity. This requires a fundamental shift in our economic system, where sustainability and equity are prioritized over short-term greed. A transition to a more socialist economy is a path out of this mess.

The transition to a more sustainable and equitable economic system will not be easy, but it is necessary. It requires us to fundamentally change our values and priorities as a society. This cannot be done without social friction and more mess, we need to stand up and fight for a more sustainable and equitable world. It is well pastime to reject the #deathcult of neoliberalism and build a humane and better world for all earths creatures.

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