Q. One of the problems we face is people creating bad feelings on this is that they think we are talking about values, that is challenging their feelings. For us this is obviously blinded, crap nonsense, for them, it’s their “truth”.

A. Indeed, Made worse by the affirmation that people can have their own self-validated “truths” that anyone must simply respect

Q. The problem is they are wrong in the basics, we are not talking about feelings, we are talking about history, we are talking about what used to exist and what obviously needs to exist anew. That is what is actually true, not what ignorant people “feel”. So to get anywhere, we need to bridge this mess.

A. How we phrase things is key, at least when trying to get some percentage of the masses on board. I’ve noticed that if the language even hints at “moving backward” they throw up their arms in disgust; “so we should just go back to the Stone Age!?”

Q. Yes, most things we say are true, people will reject and the more we push obvious history the more people push back. Challenging feelings is actually not allowed any more for the very intolerant minority, who help to keep this created social mess in place.

A. It’s properly fucked up nonsense

Q. Our mission is to trile and error a way of bridging this mess at the fediforum event, in the sense of what is the #openweb. This is a very off-topic subject for just about everyone at the event, so the #openweb is affectively #BLOCKED if we can’t find this path?