The #mainstreaming of counter-cultures, like #openweb, #Fediverse, and #Mastodon, touch on ongoing issues in #openweb culture and community sustainability. It should come as no surprise that we need action to hold together the culture, values and integrity of #openweb digital spaces:

Mainstreaming of Counter-Cultures

Normalization and Dilution of Values: As counter-cultures like the #openweb and #Fediverse gain #mainstreaming acceptance, the values and ethos that created these spaces and technology they are based on get diluted, this is the normal path. The community-driven, decentralized, and open-source principles are pushed over by commercial interests and mainstream norms.

Sustaining Cultural Integrity: The challenge lies in maintaining the native culture of these spaces while expanding their reach. The inclusion of diverse voices and broader participation is essential for growth, but it needs to be balanced with the preservation of foundational path for the value to have the maximum impact that is need.

    Political and Ideological Context

    Different Perspectives: The interpretation of #mainstreaming as good, bad, or indifferent varies depending on political and ideological perspectives. For some, mainstream acceptance represents success and broader impact. For others, it signals a loss of autonomy and a clear steeping away from the original path.

    Critical Stance: it should be obvious that #mainstreaming without holding the original and #DIY ethos in place is a bad path. There is growing need for vigilance and action to safeguard these spaces from being co-opted and over commercialized.


      Participation: Engaging “natively” in discussions on platforms like SocialHub is a path. This participation helps in shaping the future of these open’ish spaces and ensuring they remain relevant and on path.

      DIY : The #DIY (Do It Yourself) is fundamental to the #openweb and #Fediverse. Emphasizing community control, self-reliance, and collaborative development. Promoting and practising this ethos is needed to resist “common sense” #mainstreaming pressures.

      Mobilization: Encouraging wide community involvement is essential. Whether it’s through developing new features, creating content, or moderating discussions, contributions sustain the “native” ecosystem, it is at best a “gift economy”.


        The #mainstreaming of counter-cultures paths of the #openweb, #Fediverse, and #Mastodon is filled with challenges as well as opportunities. With native participation, a strong commitment to #DIY principles, and a collective effort to preserve this native culture, it is possible to sustain and grow these spaces without losing their original path of cultural integrity.

        Our ongoing efforts and advocacy are crucial in this. You can find out much more about my thinking on, and please try “not to be a prat” thanks.

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