The left mess we are in – the is a hole in my boat

There is an idea that on the “fluffy” left, we must be “nice” to get people involved in social change/challenge. There is an idea in the “spiky” left that we need to be nasty to be affective in social change/challenge.

Both are TRUE, it’s the balance that is important.

What is a CLEAR left fail is spending too much time fighting inside the left over this balance.

#BLOCKING #stupidindividualism and worshipping the #deathcult all push this fight, please don’t be a PRAT on this subject.

The problem:

The nice moral majority, our liberal friends, is that they still have not excepted that the system they try to PUSH is broken. It’s pastime for change so holding onto our current system is NOT helping, their “common sense” is the problem we need to be fighting as well as the far right.

United we stand, divided we fall – we are falling

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