We are talking on the #openweb about what to do with the waves of shit that will flow onto our projects from the perging of the far right in the #dotcons
We have widely spread moderation – the instances with committed crews will grow and the ones with flaky mods or large number of users and few mods will be swamped. This is a normal outcome, we can help to mediate this by brining in more mods into the instances we care about and value.
Having clear communication tools for mods to support each other will help, would setup chat rooms and maybe start a BBB weekly meeting for sysadmins and mods to compare notes and best practice.
The tools to solve this wave are human, we need to build “trust” links that bring the “good” #fedivers together, so it is strong anufe to shead off the shit, in this, shit makes good compost, lets take this time to plant flowers and grow vegetables.