Talking to an “academic” what is rainbow

Q. I have been interested in the rainbow gatherings, particularly the political grounds where gatherings come from. Nothing on this subject is talked about on the facebook groups. People are only looking for a nice vacation destination or yoga lessons.

Do people share rainbow philosophy and political ideas?

A. lots of thoughts and experiences on this subject here

Q. have read it. The first few are mostly complaining about change. Without coming with answers or ideas. All there is is a call to go back to old values. Conservatism is not a route that i like to walk. I also dont see how it fits.

In other text there is more explenation and motivation. And i get the ideas. Althoug they seem to be pressed upon us with force and intrigic rigtiousness. What i also dont get is the jargon things seem to be traditionally different because of choice of words. But what they mean stays foggy. What is a “shadow worken” for example? And what if i simply dont agree?

I know what. Than i am a babilonian. And i should have no say because i question things. I should know my place amoung the elders and their traditions.

This does not sound free and healthy. There are obviously a lot of new people drawn to the rainbow movement. I think you should share awareness and knowlege in stead of blaming them for stuff they cant know about. Revieuwing vision is a nessecary need for all sorts of societys.

A. Seeing a “tredtional socierty” talking about its traditions as “conservative” which is I think a defernion of a tredtional society… think that a circle 🙂

A. What is rainbow? if it is NOT a set of myths and traditions is a question you might find interesting to look at?

A. I see you think the is a sold hierarchy were it duse not exist. The idea of rainbow as a “freespace” is the root of the current rot… its simply not and never has been. Yes it is a space were you can be “free” the is a difference 🙂

A. My advice to study rainbow is to cut vegetables in the kitchen, dig shitpits, become the thing you study for a time. The is a surface and then the are the roots, myths and traditions. Don’t stay on the suffice as its overrun by shit and trash and illness both physical and mental. Deep breaths and get you hands active, look up from your work actionaly and see with eyes that see, ears that hear and hands that touch the soil of life.

Don’t be a #fashernista its not helping 😉

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