A rich tapestry of reflections, critiques, and ideas centred around technology, media, activism, and society. This is what you make of it, thought-provoking, the intersections of technology, society, and activism. A personal journal and a platform for broader discussions, the blog reflects a deep engagement with grassroots media, technology, and the mess we make with neoliberalism and consumer culture.

Open Media and Decentralization: a strong advocate for open media networks and decentralized paths.

Critique of Neoliberalism: our worship of the #deathcult leads to social and ecological decay.

Technology and Society: The impact of technology on society, especially the role of big tech companies (“#dotcons”) in shaping our lives.

Activism and Social Change: Deeply rooted in activism and social movements

Hashtags and Digital Story’s: Hashtags are a unique feature of the website to weave complex narratives and critique of the current digital mess. Hashtags like #deathcult, #openweb, , and #geekproblem are central to discussions.

Personal Reflections and Metaphors: Personal anecdotes and metaphors convey points to make the posts accessible and relatable, to help compost “#techshit” into fertile ground for new ideas and social change.

A resource for people interested in the intersections of technology, media, and activism. The primary purpose of the site is to challenge the “common sense” status quo and inspire readers to think differently about both technology and society, to provoke thought and action. Candid, reflective, and polemical, not shying away from prodding #mainstreaming perspectives and offering alternatives grounded in experience. Hashtags, metaphors, add a layer of depth to posts, inviting readers to think critically about the issues. Whether you’re a technologist, activist, or simply interested, I take the time to weave a compelling narrative on the importance of open, community-driven media and technology to grow a different world.

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