Published Date 3/2/11 3:14 PM

02.03.2011 00:08

Climate camp had success with its first three camps, but then its logic became … the root cause of climate change is capitalism, so we take on capitalism. They completely ignored that many and vastly more powerful groupings have attempted to take on capitalism and failed. So with this hubris, they beat their heads against a wall they could not possibly effect and unlike the situations at Heathrow and Kingsnorth where they had positive engagement with local people, they did it on their own. Hence, they produced no real effect over the last couple of years. Neither are they good at being honest. Over and over again have they attempted to spin failures as successes. Deep down people knew that they were failing.

Old Socks 


02.03.2011 03:12

@ bullshit: More or less right, I think. 

@cynic: The Camp for Climate Action was started by people with a background in the road protest movement and others which followed it, such as RTS, but they were replaced by the people @bullshit calls “bourgeois little squirts”. I think we have now seen the limitations of the latter and their (middle) class-based politics and media obsessions. Yes, the objective political situation has changed but they have no new or re-invigorated perspective on the climate crisis. What this amounts to is the mainstream media is now looking elsewhere, so we’re off to where the lenses are pointing and / or where we can build careers.