Published Date 10/3/13 10:32 AM

UPDATE5 this is all done, the new hose is much lower quality than the existing one, you can press it with your fingers and it stretches – no double layer of steel mesh and no abrasion resistant cover.

UPDATE4 this back from the fuel hose supplier


“Slightly tricky in that ISO 7840 is a marine fuel hose specification and relates to low pressure hoses. You obviously need a high pressure hose based on what is in place at present. Aeroquip GH793 has most of the high pressure marine specs – DNV / ABS / MED / LR / USCG etc….and these are covered by the standard flame tests for the cover so I would choose this one but get your centre to confirm suitability”

My reply

“This is not replacing like with like, the replacement fuel hoses has to be ISO 7840.  This standard is need for all UK pleasure boats. I need this to get insurance and a canal licence. The hoses must have ISO 7840 printed on them They need 874-14-04 and 899 14-04 fittings on each end”

UPDATE3 no luck with the standards body’s, nobody seams to know the answer, have taken the hose off the engine and are taking them into Pirtek, Kings cross to make up BS ISO 7840 hoses tommorow.

UPDATE2 talked to BSI here is the direct number 02089967004 for technical questions, they put me onto the appropriate trade associations.

UPDATE turned the hose over to get ready to remove it and found this TCH 2SN 06 DIN. Looking up online it matches this CR2SN-06 with the 2SN meaning High Temp, Abrasion Cover – certified “Meets or exceeds the performance requirements of: SAE 100R2AT; EN 853 2SN; DIN 20022 2SN.” with a double layer steel construction it seams to me to be likely much high quality than the one I will replace it with? Now are these higher than the BSS speck?

Looking like I need to replace the fuel hose to pass the BSS, have spent a few days looking through the safty cert of the life boat but cant find the information i need. I now need a fuel hose with the right connectors, here are the photos, I need 2xhoses that pass the BSS (BS ISO 7840, SAE J 1527, Din4798) at 300cm each.