Published Date 2/14/14 1:35 PM

I recommend buying a Refurbished Thinkpad laptop to activists.

T series – are good soled general use laptops

X series are small and very low power for protest camps and solar power setups

Used ThinkPads are cheap because after businesses are done with them, which is 3-4 years after they’ve been released, they flood the market. 

Why ThinkPad?

  • They’re really cheap when you buy a used one
  • Splash-proof keyboard
  • Keyboards feel excellent while typing
  • Great Durability
  • Utilitarian design
  • Spare parts are easy and cheap to obtain
  • Easy to repair, upgrade and maintain
  • TrackPoint (that red thing on the middle of the keyboard), great for those who type a lot

Find out more here

Look on ebay for good prices it changes all the time here is a link that might still be good