A. Post-modernism is a dead philosophy that still rules the #mainstreaming

Q. Zombie ideology

A. Then we are zombies…

Q. Speak for yourself 🤣 I’ve rejected post modernism in its entirety. I’m interested in natural law now. Processes that also hold true outside of human consciousness.

A. that’s just what a zombie would say https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postmodernism aharrhhh…

Q. no, you are 💯 wrong.

A. ahrra goes the zombie… did you read the link to see if it’s relevant 🙂

Q. yes. I feel you are being a full cup. Let the tea flow.

A. Postmodernism is a mode of discourse that is characterized by philosophical skepticism toward the grand narratives offered by modernism; that rejects epistemological certainty and the stability of meaning; and rejects the emphasis on ideology as the me… See more

“I’m interested in natural law now. Processes that also hold true outside of human consciousness.” have you though that this might be why you are doing this… ahrrrer goes the zombie

its kinda a bind we all face, best to get back to modernism as a first step away from the current mess, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modernism sadly this is a bad aarticle on the subject and path.

Q. I’m rejecting industrial civilisation. This means rejecting Post modernism as well as modernism. Rejecting Adam Smith as well as Hegel and Marx, Bakunin etc etc. I’m looking at the very foundations on which all these ideologies and writers philosophised from.
I’m keeping Peter Kropotkin and other naturalists but no longer incorporating “isms” into my identity. This means I may agree with some parts of certain ideas but rarely all, and never blindly. I am interested in natural law as it’s raw objectivity. This is in total opposition to post modernism. But it does share some similarities with modernism

A. back to modernism then, let’s reboot it 🙂

“isms”are simply ways of thinking, you have one, or you ARE a zombie… ahrrahhh

to reject “isms” as “gods”, that have the power to control is to be a postmodernist… kinda a zombie trap there 😉

Q. I agree with some aspects of modernism but not all. I would argue subscribing to any “ism”, including “modernism” makes you a zombie because you are not using your brain and outsourcing your thinking. We need critical thinkers and people who question. … See more

A. Ok that is head first into the zombie trap, you need some fresh look at the issues to climb out 😉

Hint, #nothingnew which is not what you likely think it means, fresh thinking on old issues.

Q. Hamish Campbell unless you are starting a cult, not every viewpoint outside your own is zombie 🧟‍♀️.

A. you are not thinking here, this statement is postmodernism – thus this make a zombie… read the articles think about the ideas… build from these ideas… don’t be a zombie 🙂 PS. #nothingnew kinda covers this, but yes it’s confusing, it’s supposed to be, brains are not food, history is a good thing. Use or lose it, we have way to much lose, rethinking modernism is a path outa this mess #nothingnew is a way not to be a zombie 😉

Dogmatism is a sad outcome of #mainstreaming post modernism… who would have though this…

Q.They imply the opposite it’s quite paradoxical 😋 Ironic is a better word than paradoxical