Philanthropy creates the illusion of greatness by pushing wealthy people as saviours while ignoring the root causes of poverty and suffering. This hides the systemic injustices and diverts attention from the #KISS structural changes needed.

#Philanthropy is worshipping the #deathcult by reinforces the status quo. Philanthropy shifts blame to the poor, pushing the idea that they are responsible for their own situation. This story hides the influence that the wealthy class wield over economic systems, entrenching inequalities and fails to see the structural inequalities in the global economy, where wealth is extracted from poorer countries to richer ones.

While honest capitalists prioritize personal prosperity over morals, more “progressive” philanthropists try to believe they are “saving the world” while giving back a fraction of what they take. This lack of transparency perpetuates the illusion of altruism. We need to challenge this, despite its charitable intentions, philanthropy hides the root causes of poverty and perpetuates a cycle of dependency.

Philanthropy might sometimes offer temporary relief, but fundamentally perpetuates inequalities, reinforcing the current worship of the #deathcult. Social change requires addressing the root problems, rather than relying on the goodwill of the wealthy few. People, get off your knees, please.

#Charity #poor #capitalism