Need help with this conversation:

Q. trying to prod some movement outa people here in Berlin its a full time job. people are addicted to pointless. Do you think this is to silly b

A. As an engineer this is too woolly to understand. We work with simple unambiguous user stories. In the format “As a … I can do … So that …” Then it is easy to check the feature meets the story. Anything else is just noise. You start with the big stories then add more details to additional stories.

Q. yep trying to express anacky as a coding project… it tends to go round in circles a lot… phwww… its hard to code nobody being in control as that is the definition of computers and why geeks like them… how to express this…

A. For example “As a community owner I can tag one of my users as a spammer so their output is tagged as spam and can be ignored by others.

Q. Of course it’s not nobody being in control, its groups and commnertys. The control is not a part of the code as much as possible.

A. Or: as a community owner I can tag another community as unmanaged spammers so all their out can be ignored

Q. yep would kinda work like that, more likely the user would drop the feed or put the feed on moderation? the tagging would be redirecting the data?
so only tag if you find some value.

A. You could easily adjust the story to say that
Then you have no ambiguity. Which can kill a project.

Q. OK am back to boat in a bit we are back to being in the middle of the bay accessible by rowing. Going to try and sit down tomorrow and talk to an intelligent guy about this and try and map it out tommorow.