We get round the mods as kings by being open for users to become mods after they have been around for a bit.

My over all thoughts/process on modding in a horizontal/federated network, how we work at the 5 instance #OMN

A clear #KISS project statement, with a “don’t be a dick” rider on the end.

If they are drive by SPAM/obtusely a troll/right wing just remove the account, the #OMN is a progressive radical media project.

If a normal user or unshore. Then warn first, discuss second as long as polite, kick on next clear braking of statement/being a dick – BUT do not BAN

you can use the escalating silencing etc, but we have not found this worth wile for good outcomes.

They are free to rejoin, if this continues, discuss if useful, when/if they repeat being a dick/brake statement then BAN (if they are a USER rather than just a drive by we get a ruff mod consensus before doing this)

They can appeal to the mods, who might or might not listen – they are free to set up an account else were on the #Fediverse.