10:30 am-11:30 am: Alex Colas (Birkbeck):

Marx, Capitalism and Maritime Temporalities

11:30 am-12:30 pm: Gareth Dale (Brunel): Marx, Growth Ideology, and Degrowth

12:30-14:00: lunch break

14:00-15:00: Nick Stevenson (Nottingham): Democratic Socialism, Degrowth and the Commons: Raymond Williams, Marxism, and the Anthropocene

15:00-16:00: Martin Crook (UWE Bristol): Marx and the Ecocide – Genocide Nexus

16:00-16:30: coffee break

16:30-17:30: Esther Leslie (Birkbeck):

Marx between Fire Theft and Theft for Fire: On Land

(and Everything Else) as Social Product

17:30-18:00: Conclusions by the organisers Laura Langone (Oxford/Verona) and Bernhard Malkmus (Oxford)

This event is organised by Dr Laura Langone, Visiting Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oxford’s Sub-Faculty of German and funded through Dr Langone’s MSCA FUNDS

NOTES from – Marx and nature

Surface time of capitalism, discipline and exchange, exploitation. This is always a revolutionary time.

The time of labour

Deep time, geographic, sea trade roots have lasted thousands of years, with a few new ones the big canals and coming up through the melting ice.

Eastry’s, brackish water, delves into queer humanitarians.

Environmental time meeting the human time of #climatechaos industrialisation, the ghrate accelerations, profits and tax. We do not yet live on the high sea.

Ships are never far from land when at sea, a confined and highracical workspace. Your life world is the same as your work world. Seafarer are pricernares of logistics on boats.

Next speaker

The inventured of economic growth in socialist thinking, Stalin pushed this, catchup and overtake the west. An organisation that become economised, over politics, state capitalism. Technocratic.


I come from an academic background, but I would call my self now a more Organic intellectual

This often invokes fear in academics. Our fear of this kind of knowledge is very modern, we live in fear filled times.

* live on a boat in the “commons” of the waterways, one of the last parts of Europe that have this pre-modern vagrant life.

* But work in technology, where techno fetishism is endemic amongst what I call the #geekproblem

– In the nortical terms the captain and crew, as was sead earlier a master and slave relationship is core to this thinking with the coder as master and the computer as slave – us the users, digital surfs – our role is to fill the information flows with “content” to facilitate harvests data and attention for control of the (#geekproblem) masters and profit of the capitalists.

These people, who increasingly run and control large parts of our lives, are very hard to talk to, it’s my job to do this, and I find it increasingly difficult to cross this tech/social divide.

In technology this is taking us back to pre-modern social relationship of feudalism.

How would Max think of these issues?


Boat life – I moor to university land on water controlled by a government agency EU that used to be enforced by the local counceal – they are in dispute on who has responsibility to nobody is taking control, so I live outside the laws in tempery “commons” this a lot of this on the waterways.


Growth ideology was invented in the 17th century


Willions an English eco-socialist, radicalising the UK labour movement, self-management tradition

post-modernism raises its head as in everything is socially constructed in modern sociology. Inherent materialism rejects this path.

Rejecting the Green New Deal as a pro capitalist path.

The politics of place, European Union and Brexit rejecting globalisation

Worry about the legacy of Marxism

In the margarines the is a real issue of scale and for social change we need to scale up.

A British socialist vs a communist approach.


The #OGB is a balance approach, so no dogmatic group will except it. If a small group of people implemented the #OGB the majority of groups would expect it as it bridges the groups. We have to get this past this initial blocking of the dogmatists.


neo-liberalism of climate change

Lemkin the annihilation of a group – genocide – the end of a social group.

Imperialism is a form of genocide, the imperative to expand.

Eco- criminogenic of capitalism

The human race is the indigigumes people and neoliberal capitalism is pushing genocide over them in the next 100 years. Capitalism might continue without the bulk of current humanity.

In Australia only modes of production that are useful to the capitalist state are keeps all the rest are exterminated, by bureaucracy or more forceful means. Exclusion from the means of production.

Extreme energy – is going to push the mess into every corner – driving #climatechaos


The event was interesting, but had its moments of sectarianism and had thinking about the issues based on Marx, but no path to take or much of a sniff of a path out of the current mess.


The small genocide of the boater community is a small example

The neoliberal pushing of #climatechaos will genocide large parts of humanity over the next 50 years in the service of an idealogical that might survive this mess, but our cultures and meany of our peoples will not.

Sheep devouring men – the clearances. Indiganalerty.


Marx and nature,

Plant has a natural and an industrial meaning.

Unattractive work, the factory syteam of labour separating human labour from their selves, alienated labour.

The Irish famine, sol exhaustion, British imperialism in Ireland.