Looking to build a low power boat computer/electric network on my boat
The whole setup has to work off 12v and use both 4g data SIM or Wi-Fi
Navigation computers with backup. Small PC with openCPN and LCD screen and external GPS aril
An android tablet with Navionics with built in GPS
A DIY AIS would be good
Wi-Fi hub and rooter with external 4G data Arial. Network attacked storage unit for backup.
Directional external Wi-Fi areal
Hidden GPS tracking device
lpo4 battery management with solar/charger data logging vie wire and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.
Sound system for living and driving with USB storage and Bluetooth
Wi-Fi/USB sonar with logging.
Waterproof external security camera 4K and internal IP security camera. These will be used for video blogging.
VHF radio with external aril.
I already have most of these things as discreet tools the idea is to rebuild from scratch as a network using cheap off the shelves bits and open source as much as possible.


A link on the subject https://bareboat-necessities.github.io/my-bareboat/#_not_so_good