This is a costing for the full portabel studio setup

Shoping list

* Thermaltake LANbox SFF Gaming Case–VF6000BNS-.html (with no windows)

£ 50

* CoolerMaster Silent Pro M500 Power supply – 500 Watt


* MSI H67MA-E45 Motherboard B3 or Gigabyte GA-H57M-USB3 (rev. 2.0)


* i7 processer


* Grafics card


* HDMI capture


* firewire capture card


* memery card reader


* SSD main drive–solid-state-drive-7GL1.html


* 2TB hardrive 7200


8GB ram 


Total £950 + upto £100 postage

Screen £130  


Live edit PC

The plan is to have a reliable portable (easy to carry) 3 live camera + screen capture with the ability to both stream and capture to file at the same time. And have the capability to capture 720P video. This will also be used as a HD H264 AVC traditional editing PC and for bulk encoding.

Case must be small and light and strong to run quietly

i7 4 core processor

Nvideo grafics card with at least 1GB of ram and cuda – reliable drivers – drive 2-3 displays

4-8 GB of ram

built in fire-wire

extra firewire card 

black magic Intensity Pro video capture card

spare expansion slots


SD card reader

DVD recorder is optional

SSD for main hardrive

Fast 2TB second hard drive for video storage

Then use external drives for backup. We could use a local network drive for capture to edit/encode on external laptop

Windows 7

It will only run Premiere, Wirecast, and Photoshop

Internet will be locked down

Need a compacted, strong and light monitor to go with it.


2x £50 each =£100

1x HDC-TM900 camcorder £750

Long HDMI Cable £30×2 =£60


Camtree LED Light 600-LED with Barn Doors & Battery Mount Plate + Tripod light Stand video studio & location continuous lighting with 4-gel filter, AC Adapters & storage bag

3x £276 =£828


Rode NTG-1 Condenser Shotgun Microphone

2x £150 =£300